Sunday , March 7 2021

The police are implementing an action plan in the northern area

"The proximity to Brussels's northern station has a number of challenges: it is very attractive to individuals or groups who live in insecurity. Many prostitutes and drinking-places lounges also attract people from all over Brussels and other regions. This situation poses a problem with crime, but it mainly leads to a sense of insecurity, "says Frédéric Dauphin, Police Chief of the Northern Police Area.

In this context, in July last year, the police developed a three-pronged action plan. Structural measures that can affect the surroundings, such as lighting or auxiliary surveillance cameras, are applied. Preventive work is also being carried out in the campaign against baggage theft and increasing the presence of police in the area. In the last three months, in addition to daily work, there are three Dolly operations and 22 security patrols. The number of hours spent on patrol increased by 60%.

The third part of the Action Plan focuses on three criminal acts: theft, drug trafficking and theft.

"Since the start of July last year, 21 robbers have been arrested, and thirteen perpetrators of arrests have also been arrested, arrested with ten traders. Several studies are under way and they will soon be fruitful," police say.

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