Friday , June 9 2023

The Monaco crisis can be used in Bruges, but also another game


This is Belgian property, which is less juicy than tomato shrimp, but it's too hard to live! Although the Champions League group phase is only halfway (and even after lottery), the Belgian Champion takes out a calculator to calculate his odds for the 3rd place. qualify 1/1 in the European League and determine the best strategy to avoid being completely in the game.

And yet, if this week Montreal Group A gathered in Bruges this week (18:55), where even the famous cliff does not remember the last victory (1st to 3rd Nantes, August 11!), And that Borussia Dortmund continues the success of Atlético Madrid (or check it out there), the second place that will remain in C1 rails will be Zwart Blauw's reach. In just two days, they really should only cut two or three points. A difficult task, of course, but not of Everest. Just a difficult climbing competition.

Henry is not a success

Monaco's situation in the league is so narrow (penultimate) that if Thierry Henry does not quickly find the magic formula that the team will repeat, ASM will become the general stupor that is a credible candidate for a replacement or a dam. The benefit of Europe's victory, of course, would contribute to this search, but it was already mentioned before the first round. But we are very far from the account, even if Brig was not defeated (1-1).

Since then, 1 in Monaco has been significantly lower than: draw, 2-2, against Dijon, 17th and 1-0 in Stade de Reims, 8th place.

In short, Thierry Henry can not or still not. This is not so surprising given that, despite his extraordinary discretion, his predecessor, the planned Portuguese Leonardo Jardim, had a reputation as one of his European professions. His name is currently being distributed in the walls of Real Madrid, always looking for the successor of Julian Lopteguda.

In other words, in Bruges, it is now or never. We have to clean the table for 90 minutes and extra time, the title duel with Genk (and Anderlecht?), Forget the trip to Charleroi on Saturday, and give everything to come close to the crisis in AS Monaco, instead of making it short in the direction of a possible renewal. Hoping for Atlético, Borussia Axel Witsel …

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