Thursday , March 30 2023

"The discovery of Picasso was the trick of a Belgian collective advertisement."


Both of these collectives, Yves Degryse and Bart Baele, would have acknowledged this fraud in a letter addressed to people who found Picasso, namely the Roman writer Mira Fetić and the Dutch journalist Frank Vesterman.

This publicity trick would be due to their new True Copy Delegation, the first of which was held on Thursday in Antwerp. The coin is dedicated to the Dutch forger master Geert Jan Jansen.

Both men are still writing that the goal was not the fact that Mira Fetic and Frank Westerman go to Romania. "Unfortunately, this happened differently, and we regret it." They still say they want to meet writers and journalists quickly.

In its turn, the BERLIN Collective website has reported fraud and promises more explanations in the coming days.

Several experts had doubts about the authenticity of the table in Romania.

Arlekvin's head was stolen along with six other paintings, at night from October 15-16, Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

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