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some of the Golden Flies laureates

Thus, the public service has received a "show that works on a daily basis in the field of gender equality" Golden Fly from its culinary appointment "Max and Venus" and "exhibitions that could go well to buy a watch" for his magazine "web 20:02".

Fiction "Champion" in itself is described as "The Belgian series, which made Netflix's wish to list Derrick in the" action "category. As for" Three, "she was rewarded with" with it, we'll kill Netflix. "

The RTBF was also highlighted by Thibaut Roland, who left the trophy "entrepreneur what we see everywhere, but we never know what to say".

"The Most Beautiful Slides"

RTL Party, Golden Flight "Name, Fate" was awarded to "Storm of Life" by Stéphane Pauwels.

Other private channel benefits have returned to Jill Vandermeulen ("animator with more followers of Instagram than viewers"), Alain Raviart, Emmanuelle Praet, and Michel Henrion ("the most beautiful collective slider"). It is not every day on Sunday "" and Pascal Vrebos and his program "Cupid's children" dipping swingers ("The show is good that the mood is light, cheerful and perky, because it is now very important to love your neighbor, even if he stopped his wife ”).

"Those who mix all the time"

In the evening, Emmanuelle Praet stood out with David Jeanmotte's trophy for "those who are confusing all the time".

The ceremony failed to challenge French-speaking media minister Jean-Claude Marcourt on the many French programs broadcasted on Belgian channels, giving him the Golden Mouche for "the best Belgian program broadcast in the Federation.

The evening presentation was presented by Hugues Hamelynck, 16-19. H. Saimniece and Camille Delhaye, who each day answered "Journal de la Télé".

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