Friday , October 22 2021

Snow – DIRECT: Accidents on our roads will multiply


Accidents on our slippery roads multiply this Saturday morning.

Time on this Saturday will be winter with snow or swing, and maximum close to 1 degree. On Sunday, the Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI) announces the return of some clearing with a maximum of about 6 degrees. If there is a low risk of rain on Monday, it will be drier on Tuesday and the temperature will continue to rise.

On Saturday, the snow-covered area will take over the country with melting snow or snow at many places and temperatures close to 0 degrees or slightly positive. With the exception of the shore, a several centimeter layer can be formed temporarily. Therefore, MRI issues a yellow warning for slippery conditions for the entire area, except the coast and West Flanders, until noon. 22:00 In the West, temperatures can reach 2 or 3 degrees with snow or rain, as well as fog and fog in the upper Arena. The cloud cover will be abundant with the possibility of various drainage works in the coastal region. The wind will be moderate in the north, along the coast sometimes quite strong.


9:45 AM: Snow on the highway from Braine-l-Alleud to Brussels

9:36 AM "No Snow Removal Haine-Saint-Pierre"

9:30 am "Louvain-la-Neuve Many Snow"

9:20 AM: "Beautiful landscape this morning with Braine-l & # 39; Alleud, but the road is much less enjoyable … Caution and good weekend."

09:03 "Snow Management"

9:00 am

The accident happened at E42 Liège-Mons in French Waret. The right lane is blocked by the vehicle (bk 41.3)

Another incident occurred on the E40 at Crisnée to Germany. The truck hit the central berm.

The truck is the scissors for the Bois-d & # 39; Haine Exchange, which connects the A501 with Familleureux and E42 with Mons. Ramps were still closed for traffic around 9 am.

Another truck is encumbered at the E411 at Tellin in Luxembourg towards the motorway entrance. The transition is difficult.

There are also rows to report on E19 between Nivelles and Ittre to Brussels.

Be very careful with the winter conditions on the roads. It cannot be repeated enough, limiting speed and keeping safety distances.


Brussels ring

7:12 PM "Genappe is not clear, it is very slick"


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