Tuesday , June 22 2021

Shared buildings in Marseilles: Kylian Mbappé will contact one of the victims

SUPPORT – After calling Facebook, the Marseilles teacher managed to contact the PSG star. Objective: To allow a young boy who has lost his mother draws rue d & # 39; Aubagne to satisfy his idol.

El Amine, soon after 10 years old, will be able to meet his favorite player, Kylian Mbappé. Marseilles newcomer, who lost his mother during the collapse of several buildings last fall, rue d & # 39; Aubagne, owes this meeting to teacher Chloe Herszkowicz.

Last Monday, Chloe Herszkowicz, who teaches at the Noah's School School, publishes a call to play the Paris Saint-Germain attention on his Facebook page, reports France Bleu Provence:

"Like any child of his age, he loves football and, of course, Kylian Mbappé!" She writes. "My little hostess has no idea how to contact you, and I do not know many people in the football world, that's right … But I think it would be a great gift to leave a message to El Amine or invite him to meet you with your own 10th birthday ".

The message is very common and heard. According to information from France Bleu Provence, Kylian Mbappé is committed to paying for a boyfriend and teacher trip. El Amine was able to satisfy his liveliness in the Paris region at his discretion in December during the tournament. According to the same source, the boy must meet Florian Thavvin, who plays at Olympique de Marseille, his heart club.

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