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Ryanair owns all Laudamotion, seduces Spanish PNC

Airline cheap flights to Ryanair took control of 100% from the Austrian carrier's capital LaudaMotionannouncing a new growth plan. stewards and managers directly employed by Ryanair. , Spain voted 99% in favor of the EU-signed agreement associations Sitcpla and USO.

LaudaMotionNiki Lauda founded Niki ashes and located at Vienna-Schwechat Airport on January 29, 2018, confirming that an Irish flight specialist has acquired " 100% NL Holdings shares at the end of December "In March 2018, Ryanair acquired an initial 24.9% stake, already increased to 75% in August; Laudamotion is below A wholly owned subsidiary of Ryanair Holdings Plc, the group that owns the first European airline.

This takeover will be complemented by " a series of exciting growth initiatives In Laudamotion, starting with fleet up to 25 individual passages Airbus early summer season (compared to 19 last summer). A letter of intent was also signed leasing companies To get the total amount 30 devices in the summer of 2020. From this summer, Laudamotion will grow from 4 to 8 aircraft in Vienna, 7 in Düsseldorf, 3 in Stuttgart and 2 in Palma de Mallorca; next winter, the Vienna base will be further strengthened with 11 aircraft that will make Laudamotion the second in the capital. directly behind Austrian Airlines "Published goal: increase traffic 4 million passengers this year, 6 million in 2020 and 7.5 million in 2021. Details of twenty new routes from its four bases will be published in the coming weeks, ” t after the negotiations "(These conversations will take place with 50 airports), six are already open for reservations this summer in Vienna and Greece.

Laudamotion also detailed yesterday almost 400 new jobs pilots, cabin crew and engineers, to be built on its four foundations. According to CEO Andreas Gruber, " With the support of Ryanair, Laudamotion is expected to grow strongly in the next three years to transport 10 million passengers a year. Our 2019 Summer Program will allow us to carry 6 million passengers in the second year 50% increase compared to the 4 million that were transported in the first year, continuing to offer our customers in Vienna, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Palma the lowest air fare on the new Airbus aircraft benefiting from “excellent passenger attraction and excellent service Lauda "Manager of Ryanair Michael O & # 39; Leary she said she could get in the coming years one or two small airlines In addition, the size of Laudamotion or its subsidiary Ryanair Sun is smaller in Poland, for example, those Polish and Austrian units that will have different brands in the coming years. But " nothing great He said at a press conference that the opportunities depend on the European base that these airlines provide to Ryanair.

to Spainthe low cost announced yesterday that almost 1,800 directly employed PNC voted 99% in favor Association Recognition Sitcpla and USO ; the latter and Ryanair must complete a new collective agreement by the end of April. At the beginning of January, both trade unions had announced a three-day strike, which had won a case for the transition to employment contracts. Spanish law and start negotiations on a collective agreement. Last summer's European strikes, Sitcpla president recalled that Spain " 20% of Ryanair's revenue While his colleague USO claimed that the low cost will be quickly replaced and that if Ryanair does not participate, it will be someone else ";" what we will not accept is that a foreign company comes here, makes a profit, uses its employees and threatens to stop its activity ".

Ryanair signed a trade union agreement at the end of October SEPLA representing its pilots in Spain, all of whose contracts on 31 January comply with local labor law.

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