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Quebec cures too many children?

Fifty pediatricians and Quebec doctors condemn the use of the medicine to treat symptoms associated with attention deficit disorders in children.

The consumption of psychostimulants such as Ritalin in Quebec is three times higher than in Canada and up to 40 times higher than Europeans, says Saguenay pediatrician Charles Morin.

Doctors rely on data from the National Institute for Health and Social Services Excellence to conclude them. In the first table, the percentage (%) shows how many young people are in Quebec using ADHD medication.

0-5 years0.
6-9 years7.710.310.410.7
10-12 years8.313.113.614.0
13-17 years old3.
18-25 years0.

The second table shows (%) that Quebecers is using ADHD medication much more than the rest of Canada.

6-9 years10-12 years13-17 years old18-25 years
Canada without Qc1.715.084.32.48

Morin and his colleagues sign a letter to urge the government to review the Quebec approach to diagnosing children:

"I can't do blood tests for a child and say that you have ADHD. It's diagnosed in a survey that is the same throughout Canada, except that according to our culture, education, and our perception we will answer the questionnaire otherwise. I often saw the same questionnaire for the teacher and the parents, who give completely different answers. The same questionnaire given to the father and mother with different answers, so there is a lot of subjectivity, and a restless or restless child's perception can be completely different from one family to another. "

Doctors are doing this public show to encourage the government to review drug use reduction practices.

"It is expected that the drug will make a difference, but that is not the solution." – Pediatrician Charles Morin

Mārtiņš Morin included pediatricians who probably gave the medicine to a child who did not need it. He added that health care should work with the education community to improve access for young people. According to him, it is necessary to learn to better differentiate a young person who is troubled and who has a disorder who experiences a period of turmoil and who is less careful.

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