Friday , June 2 2023

PTB obtains a majority: Geert Asman becomes the first party alderman in Belgium


GAsmans becomes the first PTB alderman in Belgium Zelzate. Brent Meulman, a 30-year-old teacher who marked the SP.A list, will be the mayor, announcing on Saturday afternoon to both parties that they will present their majority agreement on this Flemish municipality. The eastern population is 12,000.

Geert Asman, who led the PTB / PVDA list, will become Alderman in the field of social, financial and community service.

The first

The October 14 elections allowed both sides to be Zelzate's majority, socialists with 7 seats (+2 compared to previous elections) and the left.

This will be the first time that PTB / PVDA participates in a majority of municipalities. So far, it was only present in most of the Borgerhout district, in a coalition with SP.A and Groen.

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