Sunday , February 5 2023

Minelli and San Marino sales were launched


Minelli Store in Paris, first sale day, June 27, 2018. – Lucile Gourdon / SIPA

After two years of restructuring, the Textile Distribution Group, La Ville, Caroll … announced on Monday that Minelli and San Marino, two of her shoe brands, will launch the referral process based on trade union sources, a decision endorsed by the group.

The sale of this banner, as well as Cosmoparis advertising, "seeks to ensure that all brands, brands and related jobs, the best conditions for growth and sustainability" will ensure Vivart's direction in the statement. The sale of these marks, which trade unions are afraid of, "was announced. This has been done. The process is commenced," added Vincent Boursier, co-ordinator of the CFE-CGC team, which means "the end of the Vivartes Group".

"We Offer Energy"

"This will only leave La Halle to be awarded early next year," while Karim Cheboub, coordinator of the CGT group, was observed. According to Vivartes, Minelli, San Marino and Cosmoparis will complete their sales in 2019. "They will depend on three different sales processes," said the group. "With a limited banner portfolio, Vivarte will be able to increase and focus its human and financial resources on its broadest brands, La Halle and Caroll, which alone account for 80% of the Group's sales volume," the management said in a statement.

"We provide to promote," adds a statement quoted by Vivarte Group chairman Patrick Puy. According to management, Minelli and San Marina employs 1,447 employees, not to mention hundreds of positions at the headquarters.
The group, which has already sold several stores in recent years (Naf Naf, André, Kookaï …), announced a week ago that it had launched exclusive sales for another Chevignon brand.

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