Monday , September 27 2021

Marloie: "neither closure nor reduction of plans" is provided by SNCB


Concerns about the future of the station Rail friends will organize a demonstration this week.

On Sunday, Rail Bridge friends will organize a demonstration at Marloie Station in order to express their concerns about the future of the site. They fear that reducing personnel and adjusting graphics affects the performance and atmosphere of the station.

Concerned that SNCB is ready to respond. "Closure of the windows is not absolutely essential, nor the adjustment of working hours,, says SNCB spokesman. "Regarding the presence of the on-call station manager at Marloie Station, it is true that at present SNCB is unfortunately forced to reduce the presence of a staff station in order to cope with the shortage of temporary staff. This event is not applicable during the week. At the weekend, this reduced presence is effective only in periods of low prosperity. It is also planned to hire to resolve this gap as soon as possible."

It is not enough to convince Railways friends who are planning to continue the activities planned for this Sunday afternoon. "We still had a particularly worrying carousel note in the workforce"emphasizes the movement's representative Michaël Jacquemin, also pointing out the lack of dummy after his retirement.According to our information, exams were held in 2016, 2017 and 2018, but all candidates did not meet them. The worst thing is that it has spare but will not use it."

The event will be held on Sundays at 17:30 "We chose this hour because it is the highest prosperity. We want to reach as many people as possible."


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