Saturday , July 24 2021

Liegeois responds to Vanheusen's fault: "We don't want Zinho"


Rouches agreed to support Vanheusden after his mistake.

In this club Bruges-Standard had one mistake before and after Zinho Vanheusden. The goal of the guard against the side was the undisputed turning point of the game, after which the standard collapsed in the grassland of Jan Breydel Stadium.

But Liège players did not blame their new teammate. Exactly opposite. "Mark this goal … I think it will only happen once in a lifetime. And it's not Zinho's fault if we collapsed after the second goal, " explained Milos Kosanovich, who went wrong with Vanheus after the mistake "Immediately after the action, I told him that he was mentally strong and that the game was not complete, but … what can be done in such cases?"

Memo Ochoa also went directly to his defender to welcome him. "I told him to raise his head and move on to this difficult moment, I told him he was not alone on the ground and we were there with him to protect him."said the Mexican door. "It was an accident, it can happen to everyone, it was not a lack of technique, it is a slip, it happens in football, it could happen to everyone."

Renaud Emond and Maxime Lestienne were in the same direction. "We don't want Zinho because he has brought us a lot"explained two players knowing the characteristics of a 19-year-old.

At the press conference after the game, Michel Preud & # 39; s tomorrow did not hurt the defender. "He is very disappointed because he is an ambitious player with the highest mentality" explained Liège coach, recalling Vanheusden's role in the workforce since November. "He has made good progress so far, after he has committed such a violation, he will unfortunately stop at Clasico, but we will try again afterwards."

History is that this error is only an anecdote in a few weeks. And who knows, Vanheusden can even laugh.

Lestienne; "We Were"

"We are disappointed because we have not implemented the plans that the trainer had given us . We were surprised. To be recognized, it won me (NdlR: he played four and a half years in Bruges and his victory was played by applause accompanied by his songs). I thank the fans for everything they brought me here. This is a club that will always be engraved in my heart. "

Maxime Jacques (with K.S. and L.-P. E.)

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