Monday , June 5 2023

Iris Mittenaere: This new habit that she has to accept thanks to her participation in dancing with stars


By showing his book Toujours y croure, Iris Mittenaere lent himself to playing trust. The former Miss Universe has entrusted the routine that she has imposed to preserve suitability throughout his membership dance with the stars.

Winning the Miss France scarf and the Miss Universe diadem, Iris Mittenaere ranked sacred vengeance in life. Because today, when she turns heads of many lovers, the 25-year-old has not always received compliments, especially during her childhood in the northern part of France. The queen of the former beauty was indeed a squabble with the playground. no painful memories that she decided to mention in her book Always believe it, whose release a few days ago was celebrated with a big pomp. " I'm always fighting boys. Rather, I defend myself. When they insult me ​​or ask about me, I do not let myself go: I'm imposing it on shots She explained in her book, saying that she was called " Skewer With old members

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He was too thin, the other kids found him this offensive nickname. A year later, this perfect score leaves its followers on social networks, and yet the Ninja Warrior host still struggles against weight problems. " My metabolism is very fast. I am greedy, but I can eat, I can not take fat "She said in an interview to Le Parisien's weekend, a reassurance that could make those who immediately feel sorry for any chocolate square, but a real worries everyday Irisam Mittenaire.

Dancing with stars is a weird sequel to Iris Mittenaire

Candidate for the ninth season Dancing with the stars, former Miss Universe continues her training hours with her very special teacher, Anthony Colette. A new intensive sports game that leaves the footprints on the body, but also on the scale. " I can lose 4 pounds a week She explained how hard he was working. And in order not to see her qualities getting better she needs to take " supplements During the competition. A good way to save … shapes!

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