Wednesday , March 3 2021

hidden youth soccer player

There are many "small" clubs in Europe that complain about seeing European football behemoths to destroy their young people, and it is very young. As the football leak reveals, the Belgian teams have no choice but to discuss big clubs at their own discretion. More than a boom is money, as shown by the case of Jeremy Dock, born in 2002 and recently visited Liverpool.

When taking over their children, parents are sometimes busy trying to get out of the game. The new Adrien Bongiovanni has moved from the standard to Monaco. The problem at the beginning of the negotiations in 2015 is only 15 years for the boy, and several laws can hinder the signing of the contract. But the debate continues. The same parents ask to live in the government, and the father demands work in exchange for the transfer. The new contract for Bongiovanni in 2017 is expected to provide, in addition to a salary of EUR 20100 and a subscription premium, EUR 300 000 for household allowances of EUR 51010 and a "father's salary" of EUR 1,800 until June 2019.

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