Tuesday , September 27 2022

Future restructuring: opposition to "government has leverage to write another scenario"


PWalloon Opposition, Regional Government "
now all the levers to write another scenario

"The restructuring process in the de l'Avenir editions, told the choir Stéphane Hazée (Ecolo) and Pierre-Yves Dermagne (PS) on Thursday afternoon's hearing in the joint committee of the Walloon Parliament and Media Economics, the Walloon and Brussels Parliamentary Parliaments.

In spite of the unsuccessful debate between Francois Le Hodey, Executive Director of Editions de l'Avenir Jos Donvilu and IPM, who confirmed his group's desire to buy newspapers in difficulty,
We attended a quality discussion

"Said Pierre-Yves Dermagne.

The Walloon Government now has new levers to stop decisions that affect the region's interests. And we can think that this structure will be restructured in the future

Socialist leader added to the Walloon Parliament.

Over time, and he speaks in the case of Editions de l'Avenir, the more the region's government will be placed before its responsibilities. We will see if his statements follow the steps

Mr Dermagne continued, according to which the port of the region, as requested by the workers, "
let the time turn and analyze the situation


Shareholder disaster management

I am pleased that there are various views, in particular the views of workers' representatives and the AJP

"Said Stéphane Hazée, Green Party Leader in the Valencian Parliament."
They showed us strong elements about the devastating management of the shareholder, but also about the pressure it poses. The strength of this testimony can not leave the Democrat indifferent

He went on.

As PS, Ecolo finally refers to the role of the regional government "
having keys to stop the restructuring and write another scenario

"With this confidence, ecologists who also call for regional transport"
arrange tranquil conversations

And the exit from Nethys's daily news, submitted a proposal calling the executive to use the leverage it is. The text of the Walloon Parliament will be reviewed on November 21st.

At the same time, other hearings dedicated to the future of the press, and in particular the Expenditure de l'Avenir, should also be organized in the coming weeks.

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