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Facebook pays teenagers to spy on their phone

Facebook pays teenagers to spy on their phone

Facebook has tried to bypass Apple's privacy policy through three mediators, three screens.


Facebook's aggressive practice is again a storm in the United States.

Facebook is again at the center of the turmoil. As usual, collecting personal data is the basis for a compromise file that was discovered TechCrunch.

The famous American site investigation is cruel. The article available at this address explains how the social network organizes a discreetly paid program for encrypting smartphone data.

In summary, since 2016, Facebook has used three mediators to pay for the Americans (13 to 35 years) to install an application that regularly collects data from the phone before they are transferred to Facebook.

Specific example: this website, which was introduced by a betabound company.

Facebook pays teenagers to spy on their phone
The invitation to register for this data collection program does not initially apply to Facebook.


"You are invited to participate in a project that simply explores your phone usage habits", announce the introductory text.

"For $ 20 per month (using a virtual gift card), you will install and let the app run on your phone, the purpose of which is to analyze the usage patterns of phone and apps by collecting user group data."

Only through the process of discovering the real conductor: Facebook. Just an application that betabound invites you to the final installation Facebook Research– The "spy" consent "app" created by the famous social network.

Very curious, the application calls its users to create their own Amazon purchase history.

Encrypted data includes: private messages in social networking applications, messages from chat applications, including photos and videos sent to contacts, emails, web searches, collected location information by "apps" …

In short, Facebook signs a kind of contract with every application user Facebook Research and reimburse them.

The same approach is not illegal.

Where rub is that Facebook deliberately pedestrian policy for Apple's privacy. Cupertino (California) "apple" hunts too funny applications.

Facebook had already paid for this policy, seeing his app last summer Onavo Protect asked to leave the App Store in any case to stop.

After leaving the house at the door, Facebook clearly tried to leave the window, hiding behind the three mediators.

After. T. TechCrunch, Facebook has decided to euthanize the iOS version of its controversial application (iPhone) Facebook Research.

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