Monday , June 5 2023

Didier Deschamps Surprises NRJ Music Awards 2018 (PHOTOS)



Net surfers have been challenged by the unexpected presence of a French team coach at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Shy, Maeva Coucke, Vianney, Eddy from Pretto … Many personalities who approached the red carpet at Cannes Pales des Festivals this weekend on this new edition of the NRJ Music Awards. But this year, the presence of a person has caused a massive reaction to Internet users. Indeed, while the camera was attending the assembly, viewers were able to discover … Didier Deschamps.

If many have wondered why the French team trainer was present in the room, many tweets gave their hearts to answer their questions with a lot of humor.

The Blues trainer was, in any case, very happy to be there, especially at the time Vegedream went out, who interpreted his famous title "Get a Coffee House". What to do is proud Didier Deschamps, who really brought the cup at home this summer.

M. R.

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