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Clients are crying out for a new Delhaize action


the environment

The Lion brand offers new loyalty activities in supermarkets: build your own small store with small bricks, like Lego … and lots of plastic.

A small plastic brick, placed on a plastic tray, all wrapped in plastic. That's what Delhaize customers get for every $ 20 purchase so they can eventually build a miniature supermarket. As young people are mobilizing the mass for the climate, Delhaize's new action is not taking place. In social networks, many customers have pointed to excessive consumption of plastic.

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" Plastic, plastic, plastic. Congratulations Delhaize! (…) Do you advertise fabric bags for vegetables? It should be consistent at a given moment wrote the user. " What step does the citizen's movement take against the use of plastic? " writes another by commenting on the ad video. " The good news is that if you are planning a fire, you know that you can start with a marketing department, jokes another.

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Posted by Delhaize on Thursday, January 31, 2019.

The disgruntled customer of the video that was released on January 31 and shared over 600 times shows the content of the two packets received: " small stickers, fake Lego piece and small plasticocycle ", He lists. " What at home thought it was a good idea? Let's free up resources and energy to spend small promotional items for children. In addition, I am sure they cannot use them because it is too small for a three-year-old child. ", mark a customer with a blue mini coin in your hand. " That's funny "he will rise up before talking about the absurdity of such action. " Are 35,000 young people demonstrating the climate in Brussels, does it mean something to you? Is there something here? You didn't see the pictures of the turtles who died because they ate plastic or what? "continues the scandalized man before declaring he will boycott the store.

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Hello Delhaize, you can answer, please, because with our friends girlfriends we understand not all …

Posted by Alexandre Hérault on Thursday, 31 January 2019

"We still have work to do"

Contact us RTBFThe company says it understands the customer's reaction. " Delhaize does a lot to avoid unnecessary packaging […]but we still have work "Recognize the supermarket chain before pointing out that the small plastic trays that contain the piece are recyclable and can serve as a decorative item in the store. And if it is so big it is because it may contain more than one small space, as opposed to what we see on social networks in shared photos adds the business. " We need to think better to limit the use of excess plastic. We understood the signal. "

Enough to convince more than one customer to take on the "February without a supermarket", a movement from Switzerland to support local and independent businesses. Another goal: " let big box shops know that you do not agree with the packaging, the food kilometer that explodes the points or the pricing policy that crushes small producers "Says the teamGreen and against all – the cause of the challenge. It's timely.

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