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Perfume "Gogo Chenale"shoes"Ababa"or boxers"Caiwen Kani"copied by Calvin Klein: Despite China's giant e-commerce Alibaba, the world's largest sales executive in the day-to-day organizer, the fight against counterfeiting is still pouring onto platforms.

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Given US economic sanctions, China strengthens the protection of corporate intellectual property – an important issue in the Washington-Beijing War of Trade.

Chairman Xi Jinping confirmed his wish on "severely punish"sellers of counterfeit goods." And soon, the law on online sales, including Alibaba, will become a force to destroy sites that challenge products.

Like every 11th of November, the group organizes a monster campaign day. As "Black friday"In America, this event is called"One-man party"- due to succession"1"on the date (11/11) – there is an opportunity to increase sales.

Last year, Alibaba recorded around $ 25 billion (€ 22 billion) in transactions over a 24-hour period … more than Iceland's GDP.

Thanks to virtually all smartphones in China, its Taobao application is one of the largest global online trading platforms (634 million active users per month). But, although most of the products sold are authentic, many are fakes or imitations.

For example, there are sports shoes "Ababa", which includes the logo and stripes that are characteristic of Adidas. The unbeatable price: 39 yuan (5 euros).Balenciaca"running 128 yuan (16 euros).

Bags "Long chang"

The site is full of fake Louis Vuitton handbags sold for 118 yuan (15 euros). Longchamp does not lose its competitors: its leading Nylon bag copies are bought at a similar price with the brand "Long chang"

The fake poles of Lacoste can be found at 68 yuan (9 euros), with a fully embroidered characteristic crocodile logo.

In Beijing's streets, consumers recognize AFP, it's hard to distinguish between true and false. "I really do not see the difference"trusts 26-year-old man in front"Caiwen Kani"."It seems authentic. It's original"

"I could buy it", admits Wang Yu, 37, in front of the construction of a toy box"Lepin"(copied to Lego) and a deck from the galaxy's name"Star wnrs"(sic), sells 15 yuan (1.90 euros)."I think all products copy each other"she philosophizes."It does not bother me as long as it is suitable for children. But if it's good quality"

The Drink Department is a whiskey "Jack david"Do wines that are portrayed as Bordeaux, but silly words flourish more than the vineyards of Medok:"The heart of freedom","Bravespirit","The dragon was a general"red who praises her"the impression of sincerity"in French … Everything is sold for less than 2.50 euros of TTC bottle.

The United States repeatedly led the end of 2016 to Taobao on its blacklist "Famous markets"to sell counterfeit goods and violate intellectual property.

In a report sent to AFP, Alibaba claims that the protection of intellectual property is a "one of the best in the industry"and says it's"constantly looking for ways to improve them"

The site's responsibility is merely hypocrisy

The group claims to have filed 48 lawsuits against counterfeit vendors over the past year.

"One of the two companies is a victim. They bear huge costs to deal with this damage, which can reach 10% of their turnover."says AFP Delphine Sarfati-Sobreira, director general of Paris Unifab, which brings together sectors involved in the fight against counterfeiting.

"SMEs are often at risk because they do not have the appropriate budget to be able to structure and defend themselves. They face difficulties that sometimes make them leave or, even worse, close the door."

But impunity can end soon. From January 1, 2019, a new Chinese online marketing law will come into force. This will make the web giants responsible for their counterparts on their platforms.

"The site's responsibility is merely hypocrisy"said Hubert Ricard, the company's export consultant"Guyennoise"- of which"5 million bottles"Bordeaux is copied every year in China.

According to him, some provincial centers and the eastern part of the state carry out "very often a part of the wine production and distribution networks."

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