Sunday , August 18 2019
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Brussels: The first KFC comes out of Gare du Nord


The creation of the first US fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken in Belgium will open the door to the northern station in Brussels.

In mid-December, the channel announced its arrival in Belgium with the aim of opening 150 businesses, starting with the opening of a restaurant in Brussels in the spring, without giving details of its location.

Therefore, this first authority will be located at the Brussels-North Subway Station, said Autogrill, which manages the franchise and has reached an agreement with Stib. The company, which will be located next to the Starbucks site, which also has a partner Autogrill, will occupy an area of ​​470 square meters. The exact date of the inauguration was not made known by Autogrill referring to the discovery of "a few months" and saying "80 colleagues in an emergency search".

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