Monday , March 8 2021

Boston Strike: A prior agreement is reached in front of and under the leadership of the trade unions


Therefore, the strike will end after the company's total paralysis since November 7th.

The unions' background and bpost management announced on Monday that they had "a concrete agreement to restore confidence and give priority to staff well-being" just before 21h. He intervenes after the day of the negotiation marathon, with the participation of Executive Director Koen Van Gerven and an important announcement at lunchtime.

The trade unions really agreed to stop the rotating strike the same evening – with a break in Monday's post offices, call center, administrative services and red boxes – a strike that should have ended on Tuesday at noon. 10:00, the shipment service was stationary.

Before the agreement, this staff will meet on Tuesday

This gesture certainly proved the progress in the negotiations that began on the third day after the first day of the strike. "In view of this afternoon's decision to halt action, the parties continued their dialogue and embarked on a prior agreement to restore confidence and meet staff expectations regarding workload. This is an important basis for ensuring staff prosperity and future plans. The social partners commit themselves to presenting various measures for their work. the respective delegations tomorrow. The parties are also committed to conclude a collective agreement for 2019-2020 in the near future, "said the unions and management.

The terms of this loan agreement that will be submitted to the organizers of the store on Tuesday and their obligation to inform the staff are not yet known.

Insufficient work, workload, difficulty

"This is an agreement that I can defend," said Marc De Mulder, SLFP union boss. "It has two parts, maybe even a third, and the first includes priority measures."

There is no doubt that these measures are conducive to recruiting and accompanying postmen in hard work, which could solve the problems associated with the insufficient number of employees, the workload and difficulties that have long been denounced by trade unions.

A trade union official also reports that the strike is suspended but not suspended. Trade unions reserve the right to re-activate this weapon if the second-hand talks fail or the bpost management's urgent measures in this area are not really applied.

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