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Autolib electric vehicles auctioned by Sologne


Autolib electric vehicles auctioned by Sologne

Autolib car in Paris on November 29, 2012 / & copy AFP / Archives / Eric PIERMONT

The first auction of electric cars in the car rental auctions in Paris, ending in late July, will take place on Saturday in Loor-et-Cher, organized by the local garage, we learned from the last.

Fifty electric cars will be sold at a starting price of 3700 euros, approved Caravec garage, which expects a certain wealth thanks to the car's celebrity and attractive price. The garage did not want to confirm whether other sales or sales conditions are taking place.

Since the summer of about 3,500 Bluecar have been stored in the premises of the former Matratus plant Romorantin from 4000, which was Autolib.

These small cars, developed by the Italian designer Pininfarina, were made available to the Parisians and Parisians in 2011 as part of an agreement between the manufacturer, the Bolloré group company and a mixed association of 103 municipalities in the Paris region. .

At its height, Autolib had 150,000 subscribers, but they had to cope with changes on the road, with electric bikes, VTC and personal vehicle hire. Not to mention its degraded image and often a dirty car.

The Intergovernmental Union has abolished this treaty last June. The network was working until the end of July. Since then, the group has called for a compensation of EUR 235 million, which the union disputes.

Carsharing services have since been transferred to Paris and the Paris region by manufacturers or low cost companies.

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