Thursday , February 25 2021

And Seresians are still waiting for their waste tax in 2018 …


… During this time, the community council votes on the truth of costs … 2019

The next mandate is hot and very hot. A normal iron city … What was (almost) the last Alain Mathot session – who will guide his last advice on November 29 – and (almost) the first of the next new very narrow majority – the passage of many weapons …

Small shovels run by Fabian Culot suggest a much more difficult opposition in the coming years on the MR side. Ecolo, returning to his studies, asking for two aldermas, without listening to the substance, has little appreciated the game of socialist talks … Paul Ancion is fitted to a niche.

Both have criticized the PS for voting on the truth of costs in 2019, "while we are still waiting for a 2018 tax levy," said group leader MR. "I find it for myself," a smiling burgomor who says they were sent … But since the post office struck a large part of last week, the mail should arrive soon.

Meanwhile, MR does not want this low cost truth that could prevent Seraing from receiving subsidies. "But nothing changes, we are continuing the 2018 events" reminds Alain Mathot. Ecolo refused. It should be known that this cost truth should reach 100% and that in 2016 it would have increased to 104% – the year of the fall of the PTB – it will fall to 85% in 2017 and 89% in 2018.

In short, there is a gap … Who will pay? How to fund it? Appointment after December 3 and there, Alain Mathot will not be present to defend his little friends who are now learning to defend themselves.

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