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And Flanders opened Emmanuelle Praet …

EThis is a new French-speaking person who crossed the floating wall in Flanders. In a few days thanks to Theo Francken Twitter – #jesoutiensannualpraet – RTL car maker has become "bekende waal". On Tuesday and Wednesday, the "controversial columnist / opinion maker" created special titles Morgen and Standaard. And here is Flanders, which fights and defends the threat to freedom of expression in the south of the country and the existence of a franchising left-leaning monopoly stamping any manifestation of rights.

The first observation in the north of the country relates to the French debate. "
Harder and more chaotic than at home

"Comments No Standaard. "
Rat race

Mia Doornaert, a former journalist and now a Flemish colonist, has been invited several times to a group of "C & # 39; tourists dimenshe". She explained "De Afspraak" Monday to Kanw "
we can be happy if we can say a few sentences
"At the moment when this show allowed for a few minutes to be exchanged, there would be between five and six people in the debate. Emmanuelle Praet Mia Doornaert is considered to be a soulmate: the Flemish journalist has in itself been in disagreement. Too much I appreciate the ultra-good Flemish culture, she was taken away, when he was appointed chairman of the Flemish Letter Fund.

The second observation in the north of the country is RTL Sunday's political talk show. "
Have you ever heard of Emmanuelle Praet?
"Questions No Standaard, which fits the landlord Christophe Debors, whose name speaks to all of Flanders. Alain Raviart? Flemings discovers it. "
"Assassin Mia Doornarete, who does not give up for qualification"
bun cream
"(Always in French), a former member of the Commission on Human Rights, has joined the debate between two women's ministers."
bag gevecht
Translates Flemish Watch Journalists.

If Emmanuelle Praet deserves his tolerance, Raviart, he continues to take on his rank: Mia Doornaert apparently wants to write on Facebook that she was defending Vlaams Belang for RTL, then she says it just explained the facts. "
French characters still find it difficult to distinguish the facts from the point of view
"She says it later.

This led us to the third observation of the Flemish: it is still difficult to understand between the north and the south. Mia Doornarete, always she, ironizes the generalizations of French-speaking speakers, who "
Of course, Flanders is a fascist group
"And points out that in the south of the country, a journalist who"
"The cost of the yellow waistcoat of the police is a fatal" prefascist ".

After all, does the northern part of the country consider the public opinion of the French language massively to the left? Policeman Dave Sinardet's nuances and notes that we should not overlook the conservative wave of the RTL audience and viewers. "
When we read comments on RTL online, we see that Theo Francken has many fans on the side of the second language
He says Flemish newspapers. Adding that from the outset, given the results of the election, the RTL panel of colleagues with the former Human Rights Council, the "MR" and the former PS are no longer representative and one Ecolo must be considered.

Another woman on TV? In a completely different genre, but with some openness SNCB boss Sophie Dutordoir was also a guest of Alleen Elvis blijft Bestaan ​​on Saturday night at Canvas. This program allows you to discover the personality by choosing from nine to ten movie snippets, personalities interviews or concerts. Babbitt's holiday, Annie Girardot on Alzheimer's disease, Don Camillo
: Commenting on many moments and letting you know more about this woman who chose to break the challenge of leaving the Belgian trains when she approached Electrabel and opened Overijse's hot snacks / snack.

The boss also ends her grace period: she returns precisely to the lowest levels, and politics, including N-VA, begins to hate: but what has she done since she arrived? "
I do not accept criticism of SNCB, which comes from politics. If it is SNCB, it is responsible for the political choices of the past. Dogs do not make cats. We did not explain what was expected of them.
She said on Saturday night, adding: "
This should start with a federal vision of what we want for mobility in this country, along with the vision of the organization. Let's sit down together and decide where we want to go.

She can do something, but can she do it?
Requested socialist Johan Vande at the time of Lanotte Dutorduar's appointment. Editorial editor Download Nieuws, which is reminiscent of an anecdote, was added at the beginning of the week in the text of the opinion:
Michel's government did not have the courage to fight SNCB basically. Too important, too complicated, too expensive? In any case, the railway is worth more than a trusted second-rate minister, Galant and then Bellot.
Of course, this is not just a French press that would be critical of the right …

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