Saturday , July 24 2021

Accused of plagiarism, Gad Elmaleh defends himself in Europe 1

Invited by Nikos Aliagas, the comedian took the time to give his opinion.

After many accusations of plagiarism, on April 9, Elmaleh was a guest of Nikos Aliagas in Europe 1. In October 2017, Copycomic had released the first video, followed by another in January 2018, which highlighted the similarities between Gad Elmaleh's work and other comedians, such as , Titoff, Steven Wright and Jerry Seinfeld.

After a long silence, the comedian finally responded to a small video on Facebook, taking into account his character Choucou costume. He then started the procedure to remove the videos that attract him.

And on Tuesday, April 9, Year Elmalh was invited to talk about European waves 1. He says that everyday life is not reserved for everyone, and that they inevitably come to different humorists. " East
You've already put something in the microwave, you warm it up, pull it out after four minutes, the bowl is hot and the interior is cold. It's not an invention, it's the starting point to write a little sketch. Popular observations that are in our lives are the first fruits of comic books, they belong to no one
He says.

" My work as a comedian is not limited to jokes. What I suggest is the appearance of the universe
"Continues Gad Elmaleh. That's why the humorist defends himself from all the plagiarism, but believes that the reflection is changing what he thinks" normal ".

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