Sunday , February 5 2023

A doctor at the Namur doctor can not understand his gesture



Waiting for Tuesday to try to remember Xavier Van Dam (28 years) in front of the Namur Council Chamber. That's the only fact that David Toussaint was told by a 42-year-old neonatal doctor who killed the Wivinne Marion as a potential assassin on the All-Holy Day. she ran a few hundred meters from her home in Boninne (Namur).

Van Dam choked him and placed her in the Renault Laguna trunk before he fled to Flaquinne's shores on Sambres, where he rushed in a car in the water.

According to other sources, just as safe, not only Xavier Van Dam can not understand what he did with this two mother, but he does not know why he was doing so terribly in his relationship. Especially because he is categorical: he does not know his sacrifice and has never crossed the day before Thursday, a day of tragedy!

As far as rue du Bois Lahaut is concerned, which he would have borrowed at full speed, thereby attracting the attention of the farmer who directly informed the police about suspicious activities, Xavier Van Dam claims that they have no memory.

It seems that the young person recovers his memory from the moment he leaves the shot of Ronet and is detained by the police who is being shot. It is true that this place is known to him because he often accompanies him in his youth.

The Victory family would have entrusted their interests to Marcam Preumon, Namur Bar.

On the side of the regional hospital center, where Wivinne Marion and her husband practiced, a psychological support camera was handed over to staff.

The funeral of the victim will be held tomorrow morning in Boninnet.

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