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Who will live with Rithik?


Rithik Roshan and Sjutsana Khan's decision broke the 13-year-old relationship. In 2014, when it was publicly disclosed about its distribution, it became the third-page source.

Two people have died after a 13-year-old marriage, but they are still good friends for each other's two sons. Together they spend time together, start at noon and observe many things together.

Sanjay Khan, optimistic Hrithik Roshan and Sujhan Khan, are again hoping to work with the family.

Suchna Khan's father, Sanjay Khan, said he always loves Rhythmics as his son. So, he can never think of a bad relationship with Rithik.

However, there is no reason to separate Hartrian with Suzanne. They know well. Discussion on this topic is not appropriate.

But one day, one day, Hrithik, Sujan hopes that he will start his family again, Sanjay Khan hopes.

Recently, Bollywood super-star Sanjay Khan published her book "The Best of my Life". And there he began to talk about Christick's relationship with Sugent.

Hrithik, Sujon again started a new family, is also good for everyone to say that Bollywood's once popular actor

It is heard that Karen Kapoor again came together with Kangan Ranauaat, Hrithik Roshan. On the other hand, the relationship between Arjun Rampal, a childhood friend or a lack of interest in relations with Suzan And its only separation.

But speaking of Arjuna Rampala's relationship with Susan Khan, publicly speaking, it's finally being rejected.

Recently, Arjun Rampal has openly brought her new foreign girlfriend, even a foreigner who took part in the funeral of Arjuna's mother, which begins with a great buzzing.

After dealing with this foreigner, was Arjuna Rampa finally separated from his wife Mehara Jaisara? This issue is now spreading in different colonies. Although Arjun Rampal commented on the matter. Meher and quiet.

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