Sunday , January 29 2023

Walton gives the mouse up to 195 worries


Walton, a local technology company, offers a computer mouse of just 195 Tk. Available in high quality this side is durable. Interesting to see The new standard optical mouse is available in four different colors at Walton Plaza and brand outlets.

Head of Walton Computer Products Abul Hasnat said that these 1000dpi dwarfs have 3 keys or buttons. They are used in the CS 4534 chipset. Using a USB cable, you can do all the work by connecting your computer to a computer or laptop.

He also said that the Walton gaming and standard optical mouse model number was 26 in this regard. The price varies from just 195 rupees to 750 worries. All types of Walton Mouse have a 6 month warranty.

On the other hand, there are now 15 Walton games and standard keyboard models. Their price is between Tk 240 and 950. The Valton keyboard is specializing in adding Bengali fonts. With English as well as the Bangla Fonts, anyone who speaks Bengali can easily use these keyboards. All Walton keyboards also have a 6 month warranty replacement.

According to sources from the Walton Computer Department, in addition to gaming and standard keyboards and the mouse, Walton's computer accessories include a variety of pen drives. The 16GB Walton Pen Cord is found in 570 to 890 trails. And the price of 32 GB is between 790 and 1,000 390.

Walton also has 23 different pricing and configuration laptops, 13 desktop models and 2 model monitors. All Walton Laptop models are available for no more than 2 years and no more than 3 years without desktops.

Note that buyers can only purchase a 20 percent down payment by making a 12-month payment for all types of Walton laptops and desktops. There is also the option to buy Zero Percent for EMI equipment.
For more information, contact Walton customer service. From any mobile phone and phone, call 096131316267 or mobile number 16267. The Walton website can be visited at

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