Tuesday , October 26 2021

Twenty-one in bright Australia


Admission to Australia on the first day of the Canberra test against Sri Lanka At the end of the first day of Australia's 384 exercises for four envelopes, the first Aussie batsmen Joe Burns and Travis quarrel batting. Fernando was dismissed for 161, but Barnes, who remained unpopulated at the end of 172, has played five test games in Australia over the past four months. However, none of Australia's batsman has seen a century in these five trials. The last thing happened in 1882. No Australian batsman has ever seen a hundred of his three Test Tests. But Barnes and Trives drought this century. Manuka Oval Aussie Captain Tim Pains sitting with a little bit of detail. Tim Paine couldn't beat his right hand in three consecutive tests. In this game the team captain won his left hand. Penns decided to descend first to win. However, Aziz didn't start anything. Australia was pulled out for only 28 trips to the scoreboard, losing 3 goals. Opening Marcus Harris 11, Usman Khawaja 0 and Maran Lubucan returned with 6 trips. However, the owners lost their fourth goal pair. Head-Barnes added 308 races to the fourth goal. About a year and a half ago Australia received a hundred hundred partnerships. The first-century manager returned to headgear during the rest of the day's hours. He scored 161 heads of 214 balls with 21 four and 1 six balls before dismissal. Barnes returned to headlines for the first time after heading to six, Curtis Patterson. He also surpassed his previous highest of 170 teams. The world Fernando got 3 goals for Sri Lanka, while the experienced pacer Gambhir Karuetten had one cable car. Sri Lanka has seen the enemy and in the first test for Australia for the first time – 40.

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