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Tribune on Ayub Bachchu


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The four young musicians remembered singing songs from the legendary music of Gitra's magical band Ayub Bach. Those who originally were involved in different disciplines, They are Tanvira Tarek, Shaw, Carney and Rain. Zahid Bashar Pankaj, which was important for the presentation of this gift of songs by Anjum Masood. Long live the 23-year-old Aida, Ayub Bachchu writing songs from his interview, and with a concert tour in Dhaka and outside of Dhaka, a spiritual relationship with Tanvir Tarek, Ayub Bachchur Same
He also saw the creation of more than one year's songs in the Ayub Bachchu studio. Tanvir Tarek will be a very popular song called "Ferrari This My Heart". Musical artist Shuvo has also read the Derchster Reality show under Ayub Bachchu. In the happy song "Actually No One is Happy" Cornea regularly sang songs from Ayub Bachchu and LRB on stage. With Corni's voice, "I Like To Be Difficulty," the song is organized with this special respect for AB Song. At the same time, Gayika Rai was born from the Bangladesh Idol Reality show, one of the judges was Ayub Bachchu. "If you're so unconscious, the song will sing." Song Lastly, these four people sing together in another popular AB song and fly in the sky. This unique exhibition will be broadcasted as a special edition of the popular magazine "Changes". The broadcast will take place on November 18th at. At 22:00, after English news on Bangladesh Television. Anjam Masud has planned books, presentations and instructions on producing Shahriar Mohammad Hasan.

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