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"TIB Report Is Incomplete"


Personnel Reporter January 15, 2015, Tuesday, noon

Electoral Commissioner Rafiqul Islam commented that it was not appropriate to comment on the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) report on the eleventh parliamentary elections. TIB has denied a report that questions the election. In response to a journalist's question at his office in the Tuesday's election building, Rafiqul Islam also called this report a predetermined one.

He said TIB requested a report as a study. But this is not a study. The methods used in the study are not implemented here. It is also said to be their original report. That means the report is angry.

When asked about the report, Rafiqul Islam said that TIB said the findings were qualitative. It analyzes information and key information and analysis of numerical data. He also pointed out that the information in the report was taken from an indirect source. But no such study has been made in the comments commented on by Rafiqul Islam. He said that if fraud data were obtained, it would have to be taken from a Vice-President or a written document. But TIB didn't do it, Rafiqul Islam said, so it's not a study. Later, the election commissioner said: "TIB said they had received information from selected candidates. In this case, the study report will be different if the information obtained from Jamaat candidates. As Rafiqul Islam He said that the candidate for TIB, who was selected as a candidate, was not clear.

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