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The greatest gift from Allah


The World Allrounder Shakib Al Hasan has become a significant member of the Bangladeshi cricket team for more than a decade. At the moment, finger damage is from cricket. So he had time to enjoy his favorite place in Magura's homeland. There, privately and outside the world, talking about personal issues with the BBC, It was briefly provided by Ekushey TV's online readers.

Everyone says that Sakib is small, natural, easy to mix! In the first conversation with him, this celebration begins. He used to say, "Those who do not know they have perceptions, but I have a lot of chats, I spent a lot of time with friends, maybe we do not want everyone in front, we actually create temporal opportunities for ourselves. I'm very excited, maybe many people is gathering together, it's a shake, and I always inspire them to play better. "

Shakibs has changed many lives in the last six years. He is the end of the year, the most important life time. But your wedding anniversary is expected more than December 12, 8 November. The day when his princess came to the world! He said, "This is the greatest gift from Allah. Many people say that I have a father, a different feeling, my father said, I do not understand, but now I understand that such a philosophy is not really possible to say. It's gone."

As soon as his father smoked, he began to raise his hand in the double-bed window and began to hug Alain Hasan Abi "Babe … Babi ..".

My father speaks to us from the most trusting parties, but the girl wants to come to an agreement! After all, Abir's mother appeared on the stage, wife of Sakib Umm Ahmed deas. Our conversation lies. How much time to live for a family?

He said, "Try to distribute as much time off the game as possible, sometimes complaining or frustrated, but we both adjust, but if I do not, I can miss and miss a very bad one."

The theme of Shakiba really appears, its naturalness and realistic mentality everywhere. Contrary to Shakibam's characteristic Bangalic, is it completely natural or created?

In Shakiba it was from an early childhood, but after it went to the BCC, it was revealed. "The difficult situation, the way of life really created me." In my party, I saw up to 30 people, of whom only I could come to this place, maybe that's why I'm real and I'm as real as I'm from the middle class. There was nothing to do with it

Time to travel to BCC, time went to tripwell Shakib al Hasan, 31 years old. Sitting in the open door.

"BKSP has so much memory that it can be written as a book, it was difficult for the first time at first to leave the family out of the house for the first time, but after finding new friends all the difficulties were overcome. It was the best time of my life."

We want to go beyond Magura in 2016. A time machine that is attached to Shakib, dressed in school, I put shorts. Whenever there is an opportunity outside the school, sometimes with a stick and a ball that runs behind the football, and winter mist is often seen with a badminton missile. Father Mashroor Reza also made a professional football player, his son on the same road. But Bangladesh won the ICC Trophy in 1997, the scenario changed.

Shakib said: "I have not done anything like a footballer or cricket player, I do not want to do anything by exploring such thoughts as middle-class families, but I enjoy playing, taking seriously all the games and never wanting to lose."

"After the cricket in 1997, it was a breeze, and it was discovered that on Friday afternoon everyone was watching Bangla on television, but I went to invite everyone to play, but I did not even think I would play in the national team or I should be involved in the 19th game. I could not have been a cricketer, it became a prasar. "

"After two years of playing in the national team, I think it's now good to see it as a professional, and now I see how much pressure the student admits to testing, and this is an extra pressure."

Shakib also said: "I have never corrected anything in life, I have tried all the possibilities, I do not want to impose anything else, just want to be a good person."

Currently, we are currently from Time Machine. Shakibs took his house in the yard, and Shakib regretted. "I do not know that there was such a house, there was open land, I played a stamp on a lamp and played with banana, chicken and fire."

We can not stop laughing. Shakib said seriously: "The effect of this game is still in me, because when I played in my childhood, maybe I will no longer live more loudly, my bomb will be ruined, or I will not be able to return to this house, so I will play a bit of a shot for a while. I still have some weaknesses. Shots and some shots that play well are also related to the game here. "

What to find a childhood story about your childhood? After lunch, when visiting Shakib, we went to discover the city of Magura.

In the first grade in eighth grade, its model is visible in the school premises, so that it can be considered the next generation of Shakib. One of Shakib's favorite teacher Shafiqul Islam said how these children grow up with idols.
We go to see the Magura district stadium that created the foundation of Shakib Al Hasan. He also has handbags.

Sakiba's first coach Syed Saddam Hussein Gorky said that the story of Shakib's first practice, the pace of bowling, and then the spinner. "When I told you to turn around, at that age, he asked me why I pressed without a pace?"

I was surprised and told him – because your left, the pacers got screwed up. I began to spin the next day, and before I learned something, I saw my innate talent. "

Shakibs said his first official cricket game in the country: 1, not 1 ball, and he can not forget that he should first go through the goal.

Shaquib's childhood father Shirin Reza said: "I always had a ball in my hand, I fed it, threw him on the wall, even during my reading." He was very quiet, but during the game, the tragedy did not cope.

"Before going for a trial and playing the game, after I felt anger, I dropped a stick and began to look at me badly. Then come and tell me you do not beat the stick."

How did he get to a unique height? Shakib said: "I do not set any personal goals, I want to contribute to the state, I never thought I should be the first number, I just wanted to play well, but the rest has become automatic."

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