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The former man filed a complaint against Miller

Recently, a former husband and law correspondent tortured a press conference for journalists to claim justice.

Former husband pilot Parvez Sanjari complained about him.

Pervez Sanjarie, giving status to his Facebook account on Saturday, explains why his marriage ended with Miller.

He wrote, "I promised to remain silent. For a year and a half, I was silent. This silence proves my respect for my former wife and her family.

But it becomes difficult to keep silent when this silence is considered weak. In this way, I never wanted to reveal family issues.

My family, my education, my profession, my knowledge and my values ​​never taught me. But it is impossible to keep an eye on me when a mysterious announcement about me and my family is made, with a full of lies, using social media such as Facebook and YouTube, and using the media.

Despite the unpleasant unwillingness of the truths, I apologize at the beginning.

We were married on May 12, 2017. Before my identity with the music star Miller. But after the marriage he started to put his unusual ideas about family life on me and my family

In a collective family, a house wife can never bring a cigarette from her husband bau-dharwan, who goes to mohabbibi-guests in tireless clothes, which destroys the house in insignificant circumstances and because of the inconvenience of neighbors ……….

Each of his steps was against my classical values. At one stage the situation crossed the line. All efforts to convince him failed.

I think he's gonna heal himself. But this idea turned out to be wrong. My old parents and other family members also became targets for his attack.

The house has riots. When the environment exits, I say separation from both families.

But after the separation decision, the situation became more critical. I have to be convicted if full and ordered torture is required for women and Tk 10 lakh dowry.

He arrested me from my place of work. The person who sent me to prison sent me on condition that I released him from prison after leaving the parent.

It was not possible for me to make such a proposal. In fact, I had no other way to keep the bride's life with Miller.

At the end of the trial on 22 May 2018, our divorce came into force. I have nothing to do with her last year. She's not my wife.

In the proceedings, I was released from fear with the direction of the wise court. Despite the fact that he was unable to prove the evidence in the last year and a half since the court filing the case, he did not come to hear one of six consecutive hearings up to the court, despite the trial.

On the other hand, in one of the social media, one court has been abusive. He is trying to make me uncomfortable without giving the public unnecessary things.

Everyone is always attacking me. She has admitted in her speech that she will not leave me and take me to the street with fans to go to the shoetate (Source: TV interview 24/04/19).

My prison sentences are also demanding. But I have not yet spoken with any of these dignified words.

After all, she wants to laugh freely with me, even claiming her husband. I have given you this antitrust statement.

It is clear that in my speech, my main goal now is to destroy my career to falsify and destroy my life.

None of the accusations made by me, showing some fantastic images, is not true. But the lacquer lies.

I respect the law. The allegations made before the Court against me show that this is right in the law. All of you will ask for me and my family

– Parvez Sanjari (former husband of Miller) ”

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