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The end of the artists' picnic

Artists' celebrations end with joy for day celebration and loud cry. Rupali screen artists were organized by the Film Artists' Association on Wednesday in Gazipur resort Meghbari. The Mugabari resort was turned into new and old fashioned walkers.

Today in the afternoon, the Association of Artists' President, Misa Soondagar and Secretary General Zayed Khan, opened the party with a balloon at. Besides them, there were also presentations such as Suchitita, Sohel Rana, Ilias Kanchan, Javed, Hasan Iman, Rozina, Ferdous, Riaz, Poppy, Help Biswas, Amit Hasan, Bapparaj, Deepja, Kabila, Ananta Jalil, Rasi, Barsha, Nirab, Emon , Simon Many

Rozin's writer said, "One of the days when we are all one day, we are all talking and I'm happy. The day became a combination of artists. Thanks to the association of artists, we have spent a lot of time.

Along with artists, many artists have seen this banquet. Some of them were Sohanur Rahman Sohan, Badiul Alam Khokan and Mostafizur Rahman Babu. In addition, filmmakers, dance directors, journalists and other filmmakers also participated in the banquet.

It is known that around six hundred artists have gathered at the banquet. Getting to their colleagues and friends, they have spent a lot of time. In the evening cultural events ended this year with a banquet.

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