Saturday , April 1 2023

The Benefits Of The Iphone


The simple use of the phone is one of the main reasons why Apple iPhone users use iPhone. Creators created the iOS operating system for everyone to use it easily. However, there are several advantages to using an iPhone that can make your phone easier to use. Let's know.

* Just hold the power or lock button to empty the iPhone memory until you have to slide the power off. Then press the Home button to turn off the phone for a while. Release the home button when iPhone usually returns to the home screen. Exactly, RAM is empty. But don't repeat it.

* To delete all tabs in Safari, hold down the tab button on the bottom left. All tabs will be closed.

* To restore the recently deleted tab, hold down Safari Plus.

* When writing, go to different parts of the sentence to press this part. But if you want to hold the space bar by pressing the iPhone keyboard button, you can do the same.

* If you press the wrong number using the calculator, press the C button to reduce the number. But to reduce the number, just slide the number from left to right. The last text number will be reduced. This way, you can erase one number on the dial pad.

* Use the portal on your laptop to find a specific word c * tr + F or press the Command + F button. Search for a specific word on the Safari site, enter the name Safari in the web address address section The On-Page Pages feature is available at the bottom of the recommendation.

* Move right from left to right to see if messages are sent at any time.

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