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The BASHMUBUBBI admission test was erroneously confiscated 4


November, 018, 16: 36-24

Basemurubirabi: University Administration in the 2018-19 academic year at the Admissions Test (Recents) at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (BashmurBiprabi) has arrested four people for allegations of fraud. One person was arrested after the start of the admission test at. 10.00 on friday

Based on the information provided by the detained student, the detainees were arrested in association with the university administration, intelligence agencies and the university journalists' association with the suspects in the three other involved in this cycle.

The detainees are Sudipat Bharai, the son of the Bahadurpur village, Jagdish Bashori Madiripur Rajiora Police Station, Subhash Posta, son of Araiakand village Gandhi Potcha in the same village Ujjal Bharoy, Hanadash Bashir, Konai Vita, son of the village of Kotalipara from Gopalganj, Mithun Biswas, son of Mahadev Biswas in Laxda village from the same ones

Members of the University's Administration and Intelligence Agency have been detained in their university building until the latest news.

Professor Khondoker Nasiruddin, Vice-President of the University, said that due to the strong security of the university administration, members of the fraud chain entered the device, but were detained before using it. He said that after the investigation they would be taken further steps.

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