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Suppludur Floating Praise Trailer – Share Biz

Showbiz Desk: The new film "Suppludu Trailer" was released by Golam Sohrab Dodul. And after the publication, all five people praised.
From the very beginning, the director's directive was that without a director's permission it is not possible to publish any Snapshot image or video. No one has discovered it And there was a little more interest in supludeu. Everyone was watching something to say something. On February 26th, the Suppludu team set up a small 31-second Suppludun trailer to release it online through small organizers. The hero of the film was Arifin Show, the protagonist of the film Bidija Sinha Mim, actor Tariq Anam Khan, Zahid Hasan, Salahuddin Lavlu, Shatabdi Wadud, actress Sushmas and others.
After the trailer was published, many appreciated it. Arifin Shuvo released his timeline trailer. Many of them share a video. Everyone commented on the comment house. In an interview with the media, the film's hero said, "I get a very good answer. Especially many people are highly appreciated for sharing it. It feels great.
Triller's central role in Arifin Shuow and Vidy Sinha Mim Suppludo shooting and ending on December 3, 2013 begins on October 26, 2013. It has also filmed Runa Khan, Marzuk Russel, Shahed Ali and many others. The film has created Bengal multimedia.

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