Monday , October 18 2021

Supervising Son's Parents in Shah Ruk!


Shahrukh Khan's "Zero" cashier has actually acquired "Zero". It was heard before the release, the film is one of the Bollywood King's career. However, most of the viewers were frustrated when the audience. Much of the audience has also responded to social media.

While the Zero box is showing, the film's price in Shah Rukh's life is very high. For the first time, King Cannes has seen the character of the left-wing viewer. But this is not the right reason. King Khan worked for the first time with his daughter Suhan in the film.

Special attention was also paid to working with the girl. It was none other than the young girl watching her. In a recent interview, Shahrukh Khan himself informed this information.

He said Suhan had worked with Director Anandal Rai as Zero's co-director. He said, "In Zero shooting I told Catherine and Anuška to watch Suhan. Both of them are two different genres. Katrina Sharming and Duck himself responded. But what they did was asking Suhan to keep an eye on me. Suhana used to say his father was ready.

Happy father Shahrukh, who learned everything from "Zero" But he wants the girl to finish her studies beforehand. Said: "I have to learn. Suana wants to work on stage. Wants to play a role. There will be many options. But before the end of the study.


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