Friday , October 22 2021

SSC Test Starts Saturday –


Bangla to SSC at 10.00 on the first day
(Essential) First Letter, Simple Bengali First Letter and Bangladesh Bengali Language and Culture
The first paper will be checked.

Qur in an Majid and Tajin and SSC submission
Professional Bengal-2 (1921) (Creative) (New Curriculum / Old Curriculum) and Dakhil Vocational
Examination of Bangla-2 (1721) (new curriculum / old curriculum) will be considered.

Erar takes part in the final examination in secondary education
Of all students 10 lakh 64 thousand 892 students; 10 million 70 thousand 441 people

This year 28 thousand 682 educational institutions
Students take part in SSC and equivalent examinations.
434 places will be held in eight centers abroad

According to the Board of Directors, 17 people are 102 people,
According to the Technical Board, three lakh 10 thousand 172 in technical education and SSC under the Technical Board
One lake 25 thousand 59 students participate in professional exams.

30 minutes before the test
Minister of Education Dipu Moni has to accept the center, said Minister of Education Dipu Moni.

On January 28, the Ministry of Education issued a circular
Said: "Inevitable
For each candidate after the exam (at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam) at the reception desk
Names, serial numbers and reasons for delay should be mentioned. Missing list of candidates
The central secretariat shall inform the relevant board on a daily basis. "

Query set 25 minutes before test start
The code is set. Someone who is not the Central Secretariat uses a mobile phone at the exam center
Unable to use Phone to use with photos or the Internet
Cannot be used.

Except Bangla second letter and English and second letter
The Minister of Education will be examined.

Visual disturbance, brain pulse interferes with those who do not have a hand
Such disabled people take examinations with Scrab (myth writer)
You can be granted this disability for another 20 minutes.

In addition, an additional 30 minutes of autism and lower syndrome are excluded
In addition, teachers, guardians or assistants will be able to carry out a specific test.

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