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Sister suicide for a friend refused to marry

Sister suicide for a friend refused to marry

Tania Begum Photo: collected

It was reported that Tania Begum (23), a teenage sister who committed suicide, had refused to marry her friend Bhairab.

On Saturday morning, Tania committed suicide by leaning her neck in the house. Tania from the daughter of Milon Mir in the village of Madhyanchar in Upazil.

Tania lovers Mizanur Rahman. Srinagar, near the village of Tania in Myan, near the village of Mizan. His father's name was Abul Kalam.

Tania and Mizan were involved in the love of the local Sajeda Allal Hospital.

At midnight on Thursday, Mizan was caught in Tanya's house. Later Mian refused to marry and complained to his family that Tania committed suicide because of anger and sorrow.

On Saturday, the police rescued Tanya's body from the house and brought it to the police station.

According to family sources, Tania was employed as a nurse at the local hospital in Sajeda Alal, as well as education. On the other hand, Mizanur Rahman worked in a pharmacy in the same hospital. In this respect, the relationship of love between the two is developing.

On Thursday night, Mian went to Tanya's house at night, said Mizan. Mizan was arrested when the incident occurred in the eyes of home people. Later in the morning, Mizan's parents were informed. At the same time, Tanya's guardians forced Mizan to marry Tania. But Mizan refused to marry Tania.

Tania was shocked when this time was known to people. Then Tanya's family left at Mizan Hospital on Friday at noon.

Meanwhile, after the accident, the neighbors screamed their shame. Later on, Tania did not commit suicide and committed suicide, she committed suicide.

Tony's mother Shefali Begum said we didn't know about their love. After the incident on Thursday, I wanted the incident to be known to the public, so the girl would marry her. But Miss and his family did not agree to get married. Some of the neighbors have heard about an accident that has abused me. My daughter committed suicide in this shame and anger. I will file a case against the police for the incident.

Bhairab Police SI Amzad Hossain said that Tony's body was taken to the police station after the incident and the body would be an autopsy on Sunday.

She said that if Tony's family wanted suicide, Sui Mijan would be sued. Thana Police Station OC Mokhlesur Rahman He will act in accordance with the law.

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