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Shilpa Shetty is a murder victim: News18 Bengali

The victim is shot by actress Shamita Shetty

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News18 Bangla
Updated:30, 2019 08:39 IST

#Mumbs: Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty had to fight with a bike driver This incident happens in a road accident. According to sources, a 39-year-old actress was verbally persecuted after a motorcycle collision with Shamita Shetty.

In addition to the cyclist, his two friends were also Saw Bai. The police said that after driving the motorcycle driver to Samita's car, the head of the Samta Darshan Sawant came out of the car to talk to them. Then the mocking of the three began with the driver. This event happened near the Viveana Mall of Thane, the complaint was that the driver of the Bumper Shamita cared. Actress Shamita filed a complaint at the Ruby police station in Mumbai.

The police said: "The case is registered against three unknown people, parts of the car were found, but the driver, Shanta Sheth, head of Sawant, the driver and the driver of the bicycles couldn't find it."

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