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Shariful learns to compete with Mostafiz


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The game Sunday, December 6, 2020

Gazi Group Chittagong topped the Bangabandhu T20 Cup with four victories in a row. The first opponent of the team with 6 points was Beksimko Daka. Mohameda Mithuna’s team started with a big 9-goal advantage, squeezing them with 6 races. Today, the two teams are facing each other again. Among them, Dhaka has won, losing three games in a row. Mushfiqur Rahim’s team has risen to 4th place from the bottom of the list after winning two games in a row with 4 points. Victory in the revenge match today goes one step further. On the other hand, if they win today, Chittagong will be guaranteed to play in the playoffs. The game will start at 13:30 at Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Square. Chittagong shows balance not only on paper and pen, but also on the field with a stick and a ball. At the top of the bowling list with 12 goals is Mostafizurs Rahmans, who belongs to category ‘A’. U-19 World Cup winner fast player Sharilith also takes the goal with him. This young man took 6 goals in 4 matches. The Chittagong pace department is quite aggressive in doubles. A new fast cup player, Shariful Islam, said: “I like to play ball with Mostafiz Bhai. He always gives good advice before going to bowling in every fight, how to drive according to the situation after the game. There is good competition between the two. Mostafizs, random star tempo. If the ball burns in his hand, you can shake the batting base of any team.In the first match against Dhaka, he took 2 goals. He tells me how to play the ball according to the situation. It’s great to have fun playing ball with him. I also like bowling with new balls because all the temple players want to play with new balls. Pace bowlers prefer offensive bowling. I do this because I am young. ‘The top five fast bowling players are fast bowlers. Shariful said: “The goal helps rhythm players. You see that the rhythm players of all teams are very good at bowling. They take advantage of the fact that the goal is sometimes slow. And in T20 there are always challenges for the bowling team. So we will do something good in a positive way. “Chittagong’s batting is also great. Especially at the opening, Lithon Kumar Dass and Soumja Sarkars are nasty bats. Although Mominul Haque Saurav broke his finger and dropped out of the event, In the second match against such a team Mushfiqur Rahim Dhaka will have to take another challenge to maintain a series of victories.However, Daka has turned two victories.Two victories in a row after three failures.Meanwhile, young people have begun to spread the light in batting and bowling. Yasir Ali took a storm with a stick in the match, and the World Cup captain under the age of 19, Akbar Ali, is gradually opening up. Ali plays the whole pace of bowling. The new fast bowler Shafikul Islam is also doing great. The victims of both victims are the same 6 gates.

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