Sunday , June 4 2023

Shakib is an empty voice?


Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan will choose to speculate on Saturday morning. It has been reported that some media reports are also candidates for the largest political party Awami League to participate in the forthcoming eleventh parliamentary elections. But at night or Peru Shakib Khan said that he did not want to choose. In fact, I want to be busy with the movie.

On the other hand, the new buzz about the event Shakib wants to buy nomination papers On Thursday, the actor's film director and the unit collided with filmmakers' conflicts during the FDC host's inception.

Shakib Khan is currently involved in the dispute. Some of the journalists present fulfilled their professional roles in incident photography and video. Shakib Khan suddenly faced a journalist and picked up his mobile phone and deleted all the files.

Two media journalists Zia Uddin Alam and Sudipta Said Khan complained on Saturday at the Bangladesh Film Journalists Association, the Bangladeshi Film Directors Association and the Bangladeshi Film Industry Association, claiming they were offended.

In the film industry, there is a jolt of blocking journalists and blocking Shakib's in professional activities.

Some of the movie makers have said Shakib has announced its participation in the elections to cover unpleasant journalist incidents. Shakib tried to stream the journalist Hanst in various directions.

Hunte's journalist Sudipta Said Khan, for his part, thinks that the empty Shakiban branch in Dhaka is a journalist's Hansa news.

On behalf of 3 associates it is informed that the association will take appropriate action as a result of the attack on journalists. Source: RTV Anline

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