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Salak is a missing footballer!

On the 11th day the disappearance of the Argentine football player Emilio Sala in the plane crash. But Salna did not expect his former favorite model Berenice Shakeer to be alive. He said, "I hope he will return. Maybe he's on a lonely island. She can't get lost. I think it is her family. "The French club Cardiff City has sent Salna to the club for a exchange rate of 15 million pounds in exchange for a winter transfer. On January 21, a plane with Salna flight disappeared from the English Channel to join a new club in France. Salma and pilot David Ibosenson have since disappeared. Both of these passengers were on a small plane. Some waste was found in the plaque, but no traces were found. And the authority was stopped in the middle of a rescue operation. However, Lionel Messi has claimed legends such as Diego Maradon to continue the rescue operation. And the foundation is a 28-year-old forward Island initiative to find out the living or dead. The initiative has also been adopted in France. 80,000 signatures have been compiled to request the authorities to continue the operation to find the Island. Earlier, Berenice said the football mafia was responsible for Salara's death. Then the 26-year-old model deleted Twitter.

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