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Sabela's theft, which stands beside Manoj

Clipatomania is a type of theft. If a person suffers from this disease, the person can not prevent it from theft. But this will have nothing to do with his personal or financial gain. Actress, Shilla Young, popularly known in the small screen, but in fact he played such a role.

The name of the game is called "distance name". The show consists of Shafikur Rahman Shantanu and director Dipu Hajra. Manoj Pramanik plays against Saliba Nur.

Shabila Noor's story tells the story of a theft accident. Often he steals small things. What is not needed. Sometimes they do not use the stolen things they threw. One day he was caught with an arsenal of cosmetics. After the incident to the police station.

The police force recommended to the gypsy show him a psychiatrist. The story of the game continues in this way

The drama has played even more. Inamul Haque, Rimi Karim, Kay Rahman, Mili Munshi, Asif Nazrul, Baishakhi Gauri, Mohana and others.

According to sources, Thursday afternoon, at noon. 7.45, Nirman Naam Harman, specialty drama "Grameenphone" will be broadcast on "Gazi TV".


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