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Razzaq wants to use the metro station Shakib Khan

Razzak and Shakib Khan > In the capital, Tejgaon, enter FDC 3 and 4 in the mouth. The law was a huge gathering on Tuesday evening to go this route. The second color dress is for Habitat dance artists. It became known the 3rd floor of Shakib Khan movie shooting song. Rupasajjakakse was shocked. He talked to him. There are many plans, FDC commemoration and many artists. Shaky Khan said, "The country's biggest director's personality, he's been a year and a half after his death. There is no official government initiative to keep her contribution unforgettable. The name of this movie should be given by any road in the capital. The train station is in front of FDC, this station must be named Nayakraj Razzak, we want it.

It is known that Shakib Khan in the last two days FDC filming the song "Shahhen Shah". Indian father Jadav sang a song. Savvy-driven music and music Kanha and Savvy gave voice

Nayakraj Razzak worked as well as film production and management. His works and directed films also succeeded. Shaky Khan said: “Once upon a time, we had a foreign film effect. Then came Razzak Sahib. Najajaya Razzak spoke to a Bangladesh audience. He became the favorite character of all kinds of actors. He is still alive in everyone's mind. This legend will allow people to remember about their creation. At the same time, it is necessary to take some initiatives in the form of a government. From this thought I will ask the government from the stations built on the subway railway to name the station on behalf of Nayakraj Razzak.

Later, Kolkata Tollygunge Metro Station was named Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro Station. Shakib Khan said: "A good idea of ​​Uttam Kumar Tollygunge is written by" Uttam Kumar Metro Station. Now Metro is built in our country. Here, too, the metro station should be named after Razzak. It's better to briefly describe Razzak's life at the station. Najakraj Razzak will be alive for the younger generation.

Shakib Khan also said: "We can be proud that we had a hero Razzaq. He has been working in the cinema industry for all his life. He has received many awards, including a fad of freedom, a number of national awards and many other awards. Razak should respect the government. just the subway station or the road, one of the heroes Razzak.

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