Friday , June 2 2023

Rajshahi is waiting for the National Cricket League title


Sport Reporter The National Day of the Cricket League (NCL), the 20th edition, today, the Rajshahi Division will celebrate the trophy today. If there is no disaster, Rajshahi will be able to do this with 8 goals with 102 training to win against Barysal. Then a trophy festival takes place. In the first stage, Rajshahi is waiting for a trophy festival, and the second stage is waiting for the Dacia Division to go out of the first level.

First level Rajshahi Rajshahi takes Rajshahi Dapat. The first adventure in Barisal was 97 times. Subsequently, Rajshahi was all for 160 runs in the first games. Still, Rajshahi, 63 Goes On For The First Adventures. During the second round, Barisal was putting pressure on Rajshahi. He got 346 wires. To beat Rajjshahi, 284 goals are achieved. Rajshahi won 182 training to lose two goals before the third day. Junaid Siddiqui 65 and Jahurul Islam are not defeated in 25 rides. Earlier on the second day had to be completed with 246 rides in Barysal, losing 6 goals. Shamsul Islam 4 and Tanvīra Islam started the third day with 5 tracks. Barisal added more than 100 runs to the 4th goal in the hand. Shamsul 56 and Tanvir 32 drive. Today, on the fourth day, Rajshahi needed 102 exercises. If Barisal wins, Rajshahi will make 8 wins by hand. Rangpur hopes to release Rajshahi's title. But if the team can beat Khuln Bogra, then the fears are fine. The second Khulna cook is not finished yet. 204 goes back again. In the first adventure Khulna won 261 runs. In response, Rangpur announced that India with 249 leaders lost 8 goals. To get points, they announced forgiveness. If Khulna could quickly escape into the second adventure, then they would have won. But Khulna has made such a wonderful game on the second adventure, accompanied by Rangpur's disappointment. In the second Norwegian tournament Khulna's third day won 192 runs for 6 goals. Soumya government 83 and Nurul Hasan Sohan 52 will go today, the fourth day of the game and Ziaur Rahman (17 *) and Mainul Islam (6 *) will go to the stick. Earlier, Rangpur's second consecration ended with a loss of 126 trips. On the third day, an additional membership notice, gaining 123 points. Dhiman Ghosh has unbeaten 50 runs. Abdur Razzak took 4 goals. To win Rangpur in this game, Khulna will have everything as soon as possible. Then the goal must be crossed.

The second level of Cox's Bazar also failed in the department of the Dhaka Division of Sylhet. Dhaka takes the opportunity to upgrade from level two to first level. Sylhet is still going on 6 rides. Sylhet ended with the first cooks in which 238 teams competed to complete the third day to lose 10 goals during the second round. In the first few days, the Dhaka Division gained a massive score of 346, but Sylhet still lags behind. If 6 wickets in the hands of Sylhet are removed, the division in Dhaka can also win the game. On the second day in Dhaka, he won 236 games, losing 4 goals. Abdul Majid was unbeaten 104 and Nadif Covdhuri 7 was down. Majid could not continue on the third day. Nadif broke up at age 28, however Mosharraf Hossain Rubel won 50, while Dakah added another 110 more days to the second day. Sylhet Enamul Haque Junior scored 5 goals. Then Sylhet a stick. Rajin Saleh, 40 rides and Anamul Haque, who scored two races on the fourth day, will take a stick. Rajin plays the most recent adventures of cricket in his life. At this level, Dhaka Metro scored 328 times in the first games. In response, Chittagong gained 345 flights. In the second Norwegian tournament, on the third day of the Dacians Metro, 96 goals from three goals ended. Dhaka Metro is on the go with 79 rides. But if Chittagong boulers quickly convert to the Dhaka Metro, then there's the chance to win Chittagong. There is also the chance to lose Chittagong with the goal. But the chance to get Dhaka Metro? On the second day, Chittagong won 196 wagons for 3 goals. Sadiqur Rahman beats with 100 rides. On the third day Sadiqur got another round. On the second day, Yasir Ali won unbeaten 64, while Naeem Hasan scored 43 points. That's why Chittagong got 345 trips. Then named the Duck Metro bat. Shamsur Rahman, who scored 37 times in the fourth and last days, will be fought against Mohammad Ashraful with seven rides.

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