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Rajiv shocked the country as a hero after he was a hero and shook the people

He is a strong actor. Like his tiger, the dialog box trembles. Many mothers in this country have been able to sleep because they are afraid of her barking gesture. There was no collision in the movie; he did not have to deal with the opponent's strong opposition. Like the actor was great, as well as his speech, the expressions were also enviable for any actor.

He is Rajiv. Rajiv, the actor of all the favorite movies. Today is his anniversary. Film makers are honored by social media and social media.

Screen Name Rajiv Origin Wasimul Bari Rajib was born in 1952 in his native language. Date is January 1. Dumki in the district of Patuahal.

Find some of the different associations of the movie and find information online. It will be surprising to know that any cinematic person introduces a unique Rajiv in a person-friendly person, in the interests and values. Many people of this generation probably do not know him.

Raji studied gas technology. He began his career as a gas company. He was a member of the Titas Gas Company.

There were radio, stage and television actors. His pronunciation was clear and correct. Rajiv's greatest strength is his voice. The loud voice was an exciting audience. As for Rajivi's presentation of Ahmed Sharif's memory of "Resurrection", "Resurrection", "Dahmohar", with a low voice, it can only be understood. In the movie Dream of the World, with the immortal hero, Salman Shah, during Raja Prajra's reign, was discovered in a debate about the open fields, but his voice's wit is understood.

He always chose the movie script. Guides for shooting in the kit. Despite the popularity and experience of the sky, this actor has never been proud despite the fact that director Samity said. His character was used to retry as soon as possible. All the other movie heroes wanted to beat

Artists also loved her. Artists stood at various problems. He believed that the late Hero Salman Shah was a son. Salman Shah also introduced Rajiv as a film actor's father. The Artists' Union has led the management of artists, who are elected by a large number of votes. In fact, the actor was the Managing Director of the FDC.

Tumul was a popular villain. An interesting fact is that he arrived in Dhale as a hero. In 1981 he played the role of Hero "Put Allah Allah". However, he played in the movie "Khudasona", directed by Kazi Hayat. Kazi Maruf worked as a children's artist in the film.

In addition, there was another hero named "Dawa". At the end of the eighties, he traveled as an evildoer. Known as a villain, he became a leopard.

Rajiv also had a non-partisan positive character. Rajeev laughed after a good appearance, crying again. In particular, the film "Anusha Rehadan" was played by actor Rajiv. Rajee's tears came up against the people who saw it. Rajiv also played a positive role in the films "Bildro Chorgi", "Heart", "Jiddi", "Aparajit Nayak", "Blind Love", "Ghayel", "Prem Piyasee", "Unmannush" and others.

Among his prominent films are Rebel, Paranapakhi, Life style, Bhat de, Manik Ratan, Emperor, Shakti, Mother's claim, Torture, Rajvikheri, Fictitious Shahjada, Behram, Miyabhai, Accounting, Approximate, Nonviolence, Flower, Jarka, Nawab, Saheb, Khamos, Ushila, Dagi, Cabin, Voice, Thing, Uncle, Chandana Daku, Infidelity, Intention, Hiramati, Extortion, Restless, Robbery, Blood Transfiguration, Death, Mir Defar, Violent Fire Fight, Last Game, Fire Chest, Death of Truth, love dewana, unparalleled hero, jiddi, don, father's command, love reward, resurrection from resurrection, darhamohar, love poison, dream address, dream world, heart of mind, Mahililans protest, rebel murderers, true lies, threats, heroin says, mother country, love affair, money pride, devil man, corrupt, king of lies, today's antique love, dear to you, rebel girl, rebel boy, drowning family, love breaks, last defense, loss, shark river grenade, bondage, occupation, main road, driver, rebel friend, warrior, omar akbar, fake, shame, tiger daughter, homeland, love jamuna, last identity, order, last fight, magnificent boyfriend, disco dancer, self defense, search, perseverance, get, don, today's terrorists, misfortune, fear, forgiveness, robber J, Demag, national contest, blind faith, true lie fighting, big fight, death, cry, eyes full of water , daughter's right, Miss Diane, pink now in Dhaka, blind love, desperate, terrible seven days, wife of a thief, sword and wife, Kar, Bede, king's daughter after herself, Nawab Sirajuddaula, Communication, Zadoomhal, Adil, husband-wife, light lamps, great, sacrifices, victims, today's evil, malice, warriors, hypocrites, revolutionaries. Mogh Mullu, Gunda Love, World Blatter, Zoomman Butcher, Abbajan, Do not Tell Love, Gunda Love, World Buttar, Clouds By Clouds, Clouds, Others, and Priya Where do you love love, heart ties, love of the Taj Mahal, Fire burn, love, loves you, dear than life, brother, child of tigers, destroy, do not enter the eye, enemy of love, mother's honor, dream house, dream Urusa, etc., father-in-law.

Actor Rajib has also been successful in film production. The production company name is Friends Movies. He has gifted many popular films as a producer.

During his long career, Rajiv won four national film awards for best actor. She won first place in 1988 with the film "Hiramati". Then "Danga" in 1991, "Bradlo Choridee" in 2000, the "Brave Man Chaan" prize in 2003.

Actor Rajiv; In place of respect and remembrance, even after the death of 14 years, it became so faded.
Media glamor and corporate business are not required, but he takes several generations of film from the point of view of the film maker. Respect for life's legend for only 52 years.

Source: Bangladeshi Film Directors Association, Bangladeshi Film Film Association and online portal


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