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PSG Can Do Without Neymar?

PSM doesn't get Neymar again at the season's crucial time. File image

Neymar will be out of the field for 10 weeks. Cannot return to the decision to stop the operation Neymar. Can be back in mid-April. He does not play the champions' league for the last sixteen years against Manchester United.

It was almost clear that the last sixteen Champions League matches against Manchester United would not be. The anxiety was greater. In the second season of the second season, Neymar experienced a good footing in metacarasal, as last season's Brazilian PSG season might end. Originally this is good news for Neymar fans. PSG said yesterday that a 26-year-old attack would not be operated. Neymar may take 10 weeks to return to the field.

After last week's injury to the French Cup Neymar against Strasbourg, the big question was about the operation. Neymar, who had suffered the same bone injury last season, did not agree with the Brazilian doctor Rodrigo Llcmar. After completing 98 days of rehabilitation, Neymar returned to the ground just before the World Cup.

No World Cup, but Copa America. It's Brazilian again. After receiving Neymar trauma, Brazilian coach coach and team doctor Lashmars arrived last week in Paris. I told you that if you have surgery and then Neymar cannot be recovered at the right time, do not assume that Coppa America is inappropriate for Neymar.

But now it is known that surgery is not felt. PSG wrote yesterday: "After a detailed analysis, the experts have decided that all Neymar right foot networks will be followed by a rough medical procedure. After consulting with a doctor PSG, the Brazilian star agreed. Neymar is expected to return to the field within 10 weeks.

For 10 weeks Neymar has not been a champion league in the last sixteenth place against United. The first stage in the American field on February 12, the second part of the PSG field on March 6th. Without a PSG United barrier without him, maybe in the quarterfinals. The first phase will take place on 9 and 10 April, the second stage one week later.
But in the next two seasons will equal treatment be the same? Because there are two different sides to the decision making decision. Last season, Neimara's surgery was decided by Lashmaar, and he also did surgery. But now the decision to let Neymar not fall under the knife glass to decide on the PSG. A French club member who does not want to reveal the word said AFP: "The club has taken over everything."

As Neymar's validity will be returned without surgery, it was also discovered by an athlete rehabilitation specialist: "Bone will return to the previous state with orthopedic treatment." It will enter the stem cells.
When Neymar quickly returned, PSG-Brazil got both sides.

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