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Priyanka-Nick marriage, principles of rationalization … – 700835 | Kaler Kantho


Before the marriage, Priyanka was a bachelor party. Priyanka Chopra is seen as seen with friends, girlfriend, Sofia Turner, sister Parineeti Chopra and Girlfriend Gang. Parineet Chopra, the sister who ordered her to attend the Priyanka wedding ceremony. Tell us how to decorate how to enjoy everything. Even a result or a good-looking nyaker plans to hide shoes.

And this transfer strategy is openly negotiated with the devotee. A Twitter fan asked him if he intended to hide Nick John shoes. In his answer, he paranoid leaked his plans. Said, of course, yes. I started to make money now. And my testimony is Sister Priyanka.

Later, however, Paraniti also said that he was not the only woman to leave Jamai Babu Nicaku for less money, because she is Nika's favorite sister. At the same time, speaking with Bollywood Hungama, Paranii also said. Two weeks ago, he decided to raise money at a meeting with Nick. He asked for $ 5 million, and Nick agreed to give him only $ 10.

But the story is not over here, a recent bachelor party in his Mimi di (Priyanka), he put the picture Priyanka. Seeing it, Priyanka impressed Nicole Parineet, because no one asked: "Parineei and (Priyanka) are very beautiful, can you talk to me?" Paran joke: "It's not easy to get him, but I can talk about you if you you agree to pay 5 million dollars. "Souvenirs

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